Monday, July 28, 2008

Grandma Stark

I love this picture of my Daddy's maternal Grandmother. I was 21 when Grandma Stark passed away. I wish I had the opportunity to talk to her now that I am who I am.....I would have better questions to ask her and I understand the importance of what she would have to say.

When I look at this picture it fills my heart with so much emotion and I yearn for the simplicity it portrays. The tenderness in which she is looking at the lamb and in return the way the lambs flock to her, what a great bond of trust. That is the kind of relationship Our Father in Heaven is calling us too. We have to trust Him, we have to come to Him with a trust that allows Him to do His great work in our lives with out us interrupting His plan when things get tough. He has so much that He wants to share with us but we spend so much time trying to keep up with what we believe life is about and we miss the message of what life is really is about. The magic is in the everyday things, laughing with a friend, watching a sunrise, smelling the honeysuckle waft through the air on a warm spring evening as you share a conversation with someone you love. I know these things sound more romantic than every day life but that is it we are called to the Great Romance, to the Greatest Lover there ever will be.....Jesus.