Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook has me tangled in it's web!!!! I know more details about the lives of people I don't even know than I do current issues......I spend more time perusing through yearbooks looking for people I can't remember hoping that something will jog my memory.......I have virtual farms....I look for virtual treasure......I post pictures that my family cringes at...........I tell the facebook world what I am having for dinner, the random thoughts that go through my head and openly share my opinions about everything I have an opinion on.......that is a lot of opinions!!!!

I finds myself getting that same feeling of anxiety as I did in High School when I post something and no one responds or some one wants to be friends with everyone else but has not requested me to be their friend....yet I am friends with people I don't even know. I worry that I may offend someone if I don't respond to a post or I worry that I may have responded the wrong way......I have been reduced to a 42yr old teenager!!!!

How did we get to this.....when did voyeurism become a way of life???

Though there is truth in my jesting, there are many good attributes to facebook and can't forget those....I get to share in my family and friends lives since they are 1400 miles away........I get to be connected to friends I have not seen in years but their presence in my life is still a blessing........I get to send and receive words of encouragement when needed and there is always some good laughs.

Perhaps I do spend to much time on there but it keeps me connected to those I love and really isn't that all anyone be connected?

Thursday, August 12, 2010


What a happy little poem....but summer time here is nothing like the poem!!!! I have never been so wet in my entire life.....I have things sweating that I didn't even know could sweat!!!! As hot as it is here in poor family and friends in Iowa are really suffering!!! Not only are they contending with record highs but...RAIN....RAIN....RAIN and FLOODS....FLOODS.....FLOODS!!!!

Being hot is just a way of life in Florida but the extremes of living in the Midwest can be very daunting.....the saving grace is that the weather can change in an instant. Fall is around the corner.....MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR.......and with it will bring sweatshirt wearing days and wrap your self in a blanket evenings!!!!

My favorite times in the fall are the mornings....a cup of coffee taste even better on a fall morning......sitting on the porch watching the squirrels labor as they prepare for winter and seeing the birds fly with a rejuvenated spirit because they now they are headed for some new adventures.

I am inspired by the warm colors that dot the landscape and the smells that waft over me as I drive down the road or walk into a shop selling seasonal fare. I am giddy over the displays that the store proprietors create and I am full of anticipation knowing that the Holiday festivities will soon be upon us. I am ready to wrap myself in a sweater and sip a Pumpkin Latte and watch the show that the great outdoors performs.......Oh the longings for fall are equal to the longings of being in the Midwest during that magical time of the year. This year I will have new things to experience and new stories to add to my is OK to ache a little for what you don't have....just don't forget to be open for what is ahead of you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Missed My Callilng

After running across these AWESOME pictures of my youth it has become clear to me that I missed my calling as a world famous model!!!!

I must admit....that bustline is a bit enhanced.....I wish they were like balloons now........I wouldn't need them lifted!!!

I have pondered these pictures and decided.....I haven't really changed that much....when I have an audience....I Showboat.....much to my husband's chagrin!!!

I love to laugh and I find laughing at myself can be very therapeutic.....have you been in touch with that free spirit that lives in you lately???

I think I need her to come out more often......I do wish I had her flat stomach!!!