Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Am Alive!!!!

I have been a bad blogger this summer......but I have been having FUN!!!!!!

I am in home state....where the land that my family has farmed for over 100yrs runs through my veins........where my dearest and oldest friends live and are ready to welcome me with open arms.....where my family that was there to mold me and lead on my way to independence keeps a place for me at the table.....that is just a small part of this great state.

I am home when I am in IA......not to say I am not home when I am with my husband in FL (we still are looking for a place to call home) but it is different. There is comfort in history especially ones own history. Our future in another state will be exciting and I look forward to exploring our new home state but the good Lord knew that I needed this time with my family, my friends and my history to prepare for the next journey.

My friends Arlene and Bill stopped by on their way from Witchita to Wisconsin in July and we ventured up to the train in Boone, IA. If you have not done this trip I suggest it as a fun family outing....there is nothing overly exciting about it other than the landscape and the thoughts of a time since past, where trains were the way to travel, where the whistle of a train would symbolize the spirit of adventure and the anticipation of new land coursed through this nation.

I have spent time with my parents....time that I haven't gotten to spend with them for several years. As we grow older and get into our daily routines we do not get to have the gift of time we had when we were younger (a gift we did not know how to use). I have been able to have share stories, participate in family meals and fellowship with my parents with out the time restraints that I have had in the past. We have gotten projects done that have been waiting for a rainy day and we have reminisced about the loved ones who have gone ahead of us to our final home in Heaven.

I have enjoyed time with old friends and new found friends laughing, fellowshipping and reconnecting. I have been blessed with rediscovering old relationships that I thought were lost only to find they could be found again. I have traveled the path between Corydon and Ottumwa several times and discovered new things I had never noticed before.

I got to visit Donnie in Florida and to my relief, I am excited to have the opportunity to live there. It was nice to be with my husband, to feel a little bit of normalcy again. I will blog of my trip in a future post....I promise!!!!

This has been a summer of refreshing of regrounding. I was lost in the ebb and flow that the world has conditioned us to follow. I was lost in the lie that more is more and if you aren't busy every minute of the day you aren't doing your part. I have relearned that the gifts of the day are the cool breeze on a warm day, the song of the cardinal as he sings for a mate and just being in the presence of the ones we love.