Thursday, April 8, 2010

We Aren't in Kansas Anymore Biscuit!!!

It is official, we have made it to the Sunshine is true the sun does shine a lot down here!!!! The Dogs and I have been here about 3 weeks; we are very glad to be reunited with The Donner!!!!

Let's Go, Let's Go....there are adventures to be had!!!!

Grandpa...Are we there yet?

Dad, the dogs and I started our adventure one very cold and muddy Iowa March afternoon. We hopped in the vehicle....that was OVER packed and headed to my In-Laws in Warrenton, MO for an evening of hospitality and rest. The next morning we hopped in the over packed vehicle again and headed south....and headed south.....and headed you get the picture?

I am very grateful that my Dad was able to take the time and go with me....of course being the stubborn girl that I am I was determined to drive down here by myself....but my Dad insisted that I didn't do that and so our journey began!!!

Thanks to the Tomi the GPS we made it through Downtown Atlanta with out any problems...
we were only 1/2 way though.....Yikes!!!!!

The dogs were so good...they slept most of the way and when we finally got here (4:30am) they were soooooo excited to see The had been since Thanksgiving that any of us had seen him. Raven was the most excited.....she cried with joy at being reunited with her Daddy fact she has been just a happy girl since we have gotten here. The other dogs are enjoying their new home as well....they enjoy having their own yard again.

The house.....what can I say other than it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I had only seen pictures of it and thought it was pretty but once I got here I fell in love!!! I have a kitchen made for a cook....and boy do I like to cook.....a fireplace with a custom made mantle (I know it is southern FL...they say we will use it).......and a back room that has been designated my space for creativity!!!!! There are a few projects we need to work on but nothing major...a little paint here and a little paint there....just to make it our own.......that is such a relief!!! We enjoyed our little cottage in Kansas City but it was an ongoing project that seemed to have no end in sight......I am glad that is not the case here.

Home Sweet Home

There are so many other things to Beach Time!!!!

Dad and I took a break from the boxes and headed to the beach!!!

Nothing says FL like a concrete porpoise!!!!

I do miss my Family and friends in the Midwest but I look forward to lots of visits and calls from them!!! I must get back to my pool time....Oh, did I mention it had a POOL!!!!! Come by for a visit and a swim sometime!!!!

Welcome....Come on in...we will show you around!!!

Here is some nice comfy carpet to lay on....go ahead try it!!!

This is where we get to eat!!!!

There are fish on the wall but they don't move!!!

Yikes....look at this mess!!!!
I don't know how any creating will be done back here!!!

Look a giant water bowl!!!

Let's take a dip!!!