Sunday, September 28, 2008


For years I have had annoying little health quirks and had just learned to live with them but something about turning 40 made me decide that it was time to do something about them if I could.

12years ago my Dr. told me that I had Hypothyroidism (what an ugly name), it means that my thyroid is a slug!!!! The thyroid is the air traffic center of the body, it tells all of the chemicals where to go and how much, mine decided that it was tired which in turn made me extremely tired. At the time that I was diagnosed, I was traveling a lot for my job so I just played it off as travel fatigue......I was wrong. That diagnosis has entitled me to take a little pill everyday of my life (I guess you could say it is like giving my thyroid a shot of espresso), again it is more annoying than life threatening.

Fertility.....that has been a topic that brings a twinge to my heart. Since I was a young girl the one thing that women posses has been out of whack for me. I was put on birth control when I was 12 in order to straighten it worked for a while but the changes it caused to my body were not especially kind (no adolescent girl should have to go through that, there are already so many things going on with in our bodies at that time). Needless to say I stopped taking the birth control and just learned to deal with the ups and downs of the woman's gift (it really is a gift, it my be an inconvenient one but still a gift).

In 1999 I went to see a Dr. about the dreaded infertility issue, he put me on a (HORRIBLE) drug that worked, I got pregnant and it was very exciting.......but he forgot to address the real issue and I lost the baby at 11wks. The reason I had taken the fertility drug was because my body does not produce enough progesterone.....very important to have when a woman first gets pregnant it is instrumental in the development of the baby. I asked a couple of Dr.'s about why I miscarried, should I have been taking more progesterone when I got pregnant? I got the same answer by each Dr. "your body automatically produces it when you get pregnant", if my body could not produce it with out drugs before how in the world was it going to start producing it now????

After the miscarriage I started back up on the fertility drugs and like my adolescent experience with hormones I was seeing changes that were not exactly pleasant....the weight gain was BAD along with horrible mood swings (only heightened by the weight gain) was not a good time in my was only by the grace of God that I made it through.

I have felt the effects of that time for quite a few years and I tend to be a self medicator but I just couldn't get over the being tired and not being able to lose weight......I tried everything. I was working out daily, didn't eat a lot of sweets, I didn't drink pop (I don't like the fizzy) and I ate fruits and vegetables (I like them!!!) with my lean proteins but when I would only lose 1lb. a month it got pretty discouraging. That is when I met an Angel Dr. Kelly McCone!!!!

What lead to this meeting was a terrible muscle pain around my right shoulder and up my neck. I had dealt with it for about a year and the Donner was getting sick of me complaining so I researched on our insurance website and found Dr. McCone, she specialized in Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Nutrition plus she was just down the street from my job (don't tell me there is no divine intervention).

After my first meeting with her I felt more hopeful than I ever had with any other Dr. and I knew I was on the road to recovery. She listened to what I was saying, she was interested in helping me heal....she didn't just give me a pill and say come back if this doesn't work.

Soapbox moment coming.......I have a big beef with modern medicine, it seems that they are quick to fill us with drugs and send us on our way. The relationship between Dr.'s and their patients are very sterile anymore, it is more about putting a band aid on the problem instead of finding real and lasting healing.......sorry but it is frustrating!!! Soapbox moment over.

Dr. McCone is very personable and she is just as excited for a patient to find their healing as they are. She started out adjusting body really needed that....then she had me fill out a form to see where I might be lacking in nutrition......again I really needed that......then came the acupuncture......I AM A BELIEVER!!! My sinuses were the first thing she started on....for years I had horrible sinus headaches but being the martyr that I am I just dealt with it..........not anymore between the acupuncture and the Neti Pot I have headaches very few and far between. Then she started on other problem areas.....this has not been a quick process but I have seen more results in the last 6 months than I had ever seen. The greatest thing is how much my mood has stabilized (not to say I don't have some unstable days). I don't feel lethargic all of the time....I have energy and I want to do things.......I feel like I am back to having a life.....that is a great feeling!!!!

Attack those sinuses!!!!

It doesn't hurt like you think it would...more crampy than stingy.................that is a good thing Dr. McCone assures me......oh what we go through to have healthy bodies!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Andrew's Big Day

Yesterday started out like a typical Saturday, I slept in until 7:30, Donnie was up at 6:00 (this is going to sound pathetic but that is sleeping in for him) and started working on his car and the boys slept in until about 10:30 (Donnie decided it was time for them to get up). I had a fun day planned with my friend Sarah (we met in Parkville, favorite spot in the KC metro) and the boys (I mean men) had manly things to attend to (I have learned the less I know the better off I am).

We had found a car (1971 Pontiac T37) for Andrew earlier in the week and the guy called and said that we could come and pick it up on Saturday instead of on Sunday.....a very manly thing to do. As soon as they got it home they started tearing things apart (is that just a boy thing??? I mean if I bought a new sewing machine I wouldn't bring it home and tear it apart!). I made it home in time to make them stop so we could go to bowling. Andrew had to take Sunday to work, between taking Sunday to work and coming to the bowling alley Andrew stopped to check on a job he had interviewed for.

Andrew is a smiley kid by nature but the cheesy grin he was toting was the first clue that something was up. After a week of waiting he found out that he got the job!!!! He will be starting at Maurice's clothing store (a girls clothing store no less) this coming week. Yesterday was Andrew's day, in fact we may record it on the calender and make it a family holiday!!!

What a Great Smile!!!

My Men

What a Sweet Ride

Dog Friendly Ride

Andrew's Girl Biscuit Likes to Cruise

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Dresser

I like unique things and that runs true in every area of my life from people to things. I worked for Olan Mills in the Church Directory branch when I meet my husband (that story to come later) and traveled all over Iowa (a place I hold dear in my heart, another post for later).

During my travels I would stumble onto the neatest places, one of my favorites is Sisters Garden, it sets on HWY 1 between Kalona, IA and Iowa City, IA. There are a group of sisters (hence the name) that have taken an old farm house and converted into a little oasis of pretty things. What first made me look at the house with some interest was the fact that it had big beautiful irises painted on the side of it (how could that not catch someones attention?).

On a rare day that I was running ahead of schedule I decided to stop.....I was hooked the moment I opened the door and smelled the lovely scent of candles, heard the soft music and saw the oodles and oodles of treasures for me to explore.......I like old junk and this was the mother ship......I was sure I was being called home. I meandered from room to room falling in love with each new item I found , it was heaven!!!! I soon made it to the second floor and was enjoying my new happy place when I walked around a corner and there it was....the most beautiful dresser I had ever seen.....I was smitten stood there with the signature big painted irises on it!!!!

It was more then I had ever spent on any piece of furniture (Queen of Hand Me Downs at your service) but I couldn't abandon called to me saying "Please do not leave me!!!!" I being a sucker for all things desperate could not leave it so it would soon become one of my most prized possessions. The apartment I rented at the time had the perfect place in the bathroom for that enchanting piece of art and everyday I would gaze at its beauty (if there is one room that requires some extra beauty that would be the one). The dresser is now used in my bedroom but once my oasis of creativity is completed it will go down there to help inspire new projects.

I have some more art painted by the same sister, I will try to get pictures taken of them and posted in the future.....they just make me so happy when I gaze upon them (maybe I should do a little less gazing and a lot more cleaning!). I can't wait to get back to Sisters Garden and see what other treasures I may anyone ready to go with me?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Man Cave

Since I have entered the blogging world I decided I needed my own camera. My husband has a very nice camera with different lenses and all the bells and whistles but it just wasn't accommodating to my purse.....when I am on my adventures I want convenience!!!! Since I bought the camera about 2 weeks ago I have been on a whacked out mission.......I walk around the house and take pictures of mind keeps telling can blog about that....ohh look at that it would be a good blogging topic. I will never be able to look at the world the same....ever!!!! I have started a file on my computer and saved the aforementioned photos so that when I have time I can pull a subject and talk about it......lucky you!!!

Pretty isn't it????

Today I will talk about the man cave. Last Friday when I called home before leaving work I was greeted with "we are making the garage bigger"......uhhhh????? As I have eluded to in an earlier post our garage has been taken over by my husbands car project....there is not much room for anything else. The later part of last week and during the weekend we had a deluge of rain and one would think what a great opportunity to get some indoors house projects done.....wouldn't they?? NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Instead lets attach a tarp to the front of the garage and continue on the car. I was really quite speechless (which is a miracle in its self) what do you say?

A place where a lot of great ideas are born...see previous picture!!!

The Men spent the rest of the weekend working in the garage like that.....I did sneak out and take pictures on one of there runs to get more husband thinks I have a few screws loose anyway since my awesome purchase (camera). I tried to get every angle and I really wanted to capture the way the blue tarp let off a lovely blue glow.

See the pretty blue glow....its almost romantic!!!

Never question the ingenuity that one might have when they really want to get something done. I have learned not to get worked up about things (really that is not my nature) and just roll with the punches no matter how ghetto my husband makes the house look.

Very important for cleaning greasy hands!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh My Goodness!!!

OK, I guess I didn't realize just how big this blogging thing was. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world. I, like my friend Missy have become addicted and I am afraid it is only going to get worse. There are so many fun blogs out there and they cover any subject you could imagine.

I am feeling a little inadequate my page does not have the pizazz that a lot of them have. This is the big dilemma.....I am infamous for this line "I bet I could make that", I have a house full of unfinished I could make thats!!!! I get so overwhelmed because I get so excited about the creative process that my brain is going all different directions and I can't focus on anything, that is when I just have to take a nap because I am so exhausted. I have made big attempts to change but really I think it is just part of my character. I have beat myself up for years thinking that if I could just get organized then everything would be better.....I have been living in a dream world. Today I stand up and say if I can't do it in the chaos then I am not going to worry about it. I am going to embrace my mess (mentally and physically) and go forth to create...I will no longer let my self induced limitations stop me!!! Before I embrace anything I guess I should get the laundry done, and the dishes are piling up....oh I can't forget to dust.....Help!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday Gets a Job!!!

The boys (sorry...I mean men) have been trying desperately to find jobs and Sunday has gotten a job working at the AMC theaters.......he is so excited!!!! Andrew has a couple of interviews coming up this week and then it is time to go car shopping.........OH MY!!!!

Most people would think that our lives would be turned upside down having two teenagers move in with us but really life feels more normal with them here then it did when they weren't here.

The Theater

Looking stylish in his new uniform

Celebratory Sheridan's

Andrew wasn't going to miss out on the Sheridan's action!!!


Service with a Smile BABY!!!!

Rick, my boss made me take a picture for the company website today and I thought what a great opportunity to talk about my job. I am an Office Manager for an appraisal firm in Overland Park, KS......what does that entail you say???? I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that. There are 4 appraisers and myself and the best thing about working there are the people. I have always been pretty lucky when it came to bosses but there have only been 2 that I can say have become my friends....Deb from Great Lakes Aviation and Rick (my current boss). For a corporate setting I have the most laid back boss you could ever have to love someone who allows me to play my reindeer games and will even join in sometimes.

I don't take life to seriously....really what is the point....I would rather have fun learning my lessons here on earth. I am not saying that I don't have a reverent respect for this thing called life but I have lived the worrying kind of life and got nothing out of it. What is going to happen is going to happen I just try to be as prepared as I can be. I guess it comes down to finding peace in my life. I have had many parts of my life that were anything but peaceful (mostly self induced) but when I make time to seek my Father in Heaven and let His love wash over me, then I can see things clearly....through His peace.

I enjoy my job and I love the people but this is not what I feel called to do. It is funny as I reflect back over my life it seems like the jobs have come to me and it wasn't because I thought that they were my callings but because there was a reason for being there, whether the situation was a lesson for me or I was there for the benefit of someone else. My heart's desire is to help others find their healing but in a creative way....there is much healing in creating something beautiful. The ironic thing is I am still working on myself and my confidence in being successful is not the highest. I am not comparing success to money...I am comparing it to really helping someone (and feeding my family isn't such a bad thing). The Father has given me promises that go with that desire but I do get weary waiting for them to happen. I have learned that it is in His timing and no matter how hard I try to make these things a reality, if it is not the right time it is not going to happen.....that has been a very hard lesson for me....I would say I am still learning it but I am understanding it more....not always liking it but understanding it.

For now I will plug along in the position of Office Manager for Stanley Appraisal, Inc. and continue to listen and wait on the Lord. The waiting carries the lessons and I need lot of lessons

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew

Our Birthday King!!!
Happy Birthday Andrew!!!!
Our boy turned 19 today....I guess that means he isn't our boy any more........he is our man!!! Do you ever really stop being your parents boy or girl??? I don't think so, Andrew and Chelsea will always be our little boy and girl.
We didn't have a big blow out but enjoyed a nice meal outside on an AWESOME day and then just kicked around not doing anything in particular. Andrew had to show off for us a little with his Birthday crown.

Our Birthday King G'ed up!!!


Last night was our first night of bowling leagues and I have to say I didn't do to bad. First of all lets address my awesome shoes....I had included a picture to show you how well they match the carpet.....which is very important when being a bowling fashoinesta!!!

My Rockin' Shoes!!!

This next picture is not flattering at all but in order to get the full effect it needed to be included. I have not done a lot of bowling in my lifetime so this really is a new adventure for me....on an average before I would bowl about a would get a little higher depending on how much I had to drink. Really bowling has always been about the shoes for me....I just think that bowling shoes are cool!!! Sorry I got off on a tangent....I have come a long way in a short time and I would have to say (as much as I don't want to admit it Coach Donnie has been very instrumental in my improvement) I think I am getting better each time.

Do I look like a pro??

Our teams are made up of two men and two women and we bowl 3 games. The first game I was on fire in fact I was ahead of Donnie for a better part of the game....(the student becomes the master!!!!) but he rallied towards the end to beat me. My scores were 1st game 118, 2nd game 89 ( I don't know what happened on the second game) and 3rd game 112....not to bad if I do say so myself..........long ways from a 68. I know there is room for improvement and I hope to be bowling a 150 by the end of the season.....we are doing this every Saturday Night until April!

Look I have a 35 and Donnie has a 24!!!

Donnie (my husband of 9 1/2yrs) is my coach. He tends to be on the competitive side and he showed great restraint last night when it came to "coaching" me......but like I said I was kicking his booty for the first game!! Donnie is a jack and master of all trades....he is one of those people who can read about something or look at something and go at a task like he has been doing it all his life. He has remodeled our home, he is restoring the 65 Riviera (that takes up our garage) and he is always willing to help when someone needs it. Even though I get frustrated when working with him (he can be a know it all....and what kills me is he is usually right!!) I feel so blessed to have him as my husband. I can mention a project and he will have come up with a way for us to get it done.

Isn't He So Handsome?!!

Coach Donnie and ME!!!!

All and all it was a good night and I had lots of fun. I can't wait to see how the rest of the year goes....I hope I can report lots of improvement!!!